• Become a Wine Expert 3PT

    We can distinguish wines in 3 different categories: Primary: The type that gives the grape vine and the grape. Secondary: The ones produced by fermentation. Tertiary: o “Bouquet”, depends on the growth. The first components of tasting the grape […]

  • Become a Wine Expert 2PT

    The geographical criteria is the most predominant thing of all in France and in general in Europe. And the second is the type of grape, the countries that have commercialized wine more recently like California, South Africa or New […]

  • The hand 3PT

    The same as our mysterious stories, the mystery of the crimes that happened in London in 1888 continued to be unsolved. After the murder of the fourth victim, the New York Times published The same as our mysterious stories, […]

  • The hand 2PT

    It could be possible to dissect a human hand? The Amazon Shuar tribe dissects human heads and shrinks them in order to make it easier to keep them! And they keep them as trophies, the same as in our […]

  • The hand 1PT

    Mysterious stories without solution not owing to lack of evidence but to an excess of ingenuity from its author. This is what you can find in these scary audio-stories. Our hero, who is an investigating Judge, will show us […]

  • The Queen of Spades 3PT

    Have you heard of San Germain before and his ability to solve money problems? Listen to the end of these suspense stories to know more on betting Love playing blackjack like Aleksander Pushkin? Enjoy betting money? Are you, my […]

  • The Queen of Spades 2PT

    These suspense stories reveal how to win at blackjack. It’s all about betting the smallest amount after a loss and the biggest amount after a win. Even though she knew how to bet, Tomsky’s grandmother had already lost the […]

  • The Queen of Spades 1PT

    Playing cards and suspense stories told by the fireplace in the middle of the Russian winter brings these friends together once a week.This time, Tomsky captivates everyone’s attention as he starts to speak of his famous grandmother, addicted to […]

  • My uncle Greg 3PT

    Would a freethinker ever change his mind? Events will take an unexpected turn: Uncle Gregs surprising revelation during his convalescence…Don’t miss the end of these humorous stories: What is freemasonry? Little by little, freemasonry secrets have become relatively well […]

  • My uncle Greg 2PT

    A hilarious anticlerical statement is made by organizing a meat-only party on Good Friday in front of a great deal of people in a Parisian cafe. Our friend cannot escape the invitation and will go to the event along […]

  • My uncle Greg 1PT

    Do you know any freemasonry secrets? In this funny short story you’ll hear everything: worrying matters and weaknesses in a brilliant funny way. This is a funny short story where you will have Maupassant giving his point of view, […]

  • To the Spa 3PT

    At Loëche our protagonist was planning to explain that his companion was not his… wife…But he had been treating her as such everywhere else… How would the other visitors at the luxury resort react? Everybody came from noble backgrounds […]

  • To tha Spa 2PT

    In these romantic short stories enjoy the views on the way to the resort as you absorb this audioromance. One of the classic love stories to hear For the time being our handsome aristocrat is marvelling at how this […]

  • To the Spa 1PT

    In these glamorous romantic short stories we invite you to spend your holidays in the swiss alps Fancy a spa? listen this short romantic story… We reveal the feminine qualities of the companion hired by our protagonist to not […]

  • The Tell Tale Heart 3PT

    Today on these horror short stories the body of the victim is hidden, but can it be hidden from conscience? listen to these ghost sounds yourself In this third part of the Poe stories you will be able to […]

  • The tell tale heart 2PT

    Do you know what goes through someone’s head when they commit a crime? On Todays creepy stories come with us and listen to these ghost sounds. Greetings friends. For our protagonist in these Poe stories it is getting harder […]

  • Audiostory on sounds from Beyond…

    Don’t you think your neighbour’s complaint about noise is excessive and it’s all in his head? In our creepy audio stories the lead character is AFRAID that his neighbours might hear the beating from his victim’s heart, which beats […]

  • How to be elegant

    There are unsuccessful men that believe they can´t compete with the high level of Grey´s phenomenon. but it doesn’t have to be like that! To know how to be elegant you should continue reading. You´ll see how to succeed […]

  • Become a wine expert 1PT

    You have listened to our audio story “Mi tío Gregorio y la Masoneria” where wine is the main character in the story. If you want to learn about wines, then learning about the world of wines is a great […]

  • The Tell Tale Heart 1PT

    Don’t you think your neighbour’s complaint about noise is excessive and it’s all in his head? In our creepy stories the lead character is AFRAID! that his neighbours might hear the beating from his victim’s heart, which beats in […]